Our services

Assent Legal offers tailor-made services in a number of areas of legal expertise.

South Africa’s regulatory environment necessitates that each business unit continuously re-evaluates how they do business as well as how those with whom they do business act, and in particular how they approach risk and the management thereof. They also have to conduct their business while adhering to certain policies and procedures, a Code of Conduct and understand the regulation to which they are accountable.

Corporate governance, the King Report (all incorporated in the Companies Act), and Solvency Assessment and Management (SAM) are no longer a convergence of reform but rather an enhancement and fortification of such rules and principles in company direction, deeply entrenched in common as well as codified law.

The outcomes of Treating Customers Fairly impacts greatly on the performance of businesses, their subsidiaries and Business Partners. These are best practice standards, principles and guidelines of which all providers should take cognisance and should apply to their Compliance Framework in addition to standard business practices.

At Assent we are able to provide our clients with a service that will help them to work within the framework of the regulatory environment.